Too Many Magazines!

Keeping up with magazine subscriptions can feel like homework, so stop them from piling up by giving them an expiration date, clipping the essential articles, or reading online.

Magazine subscriptions seem like such a great idea at first, but if you don’t keep up with them, they can become overwhelming and end up feeling like homework. In order to keep the clutter down, it helps to give your magazines expiration dates. How many issues do you want to allow to pile up? If you’ve got a year’s worth of unread magazines staring you in the face, that stops being fun and it starts being a hassle. You might make a new rule that says when the new edition of a magazine arrives, last month’s has to go.

If you can’t bear to toss an unread magazine, you can still keep what want without adding to the clutter. Simply cut out the articles you want to read and put them into a binder or folder. Once you’ve read them, you can choose to hang onto them or recycle them. In the meantime, you won’t have months and months’ worth of magazines piling up around you.

A third option, and one that is becoming increasingly popular, is to read electronic versions of magazines. Whether on an iPad, tablet device, or a standard website, you can access all the same information without having the physical magazine in your home.

Personally speaking I used to receive lots of magazines, but there were just too many of them. Now, I only receive one or two magazines every month, which I read from cover to cover. For the other topics I’m interested in, I simply go online and read articles selectively.

You may find a mix that works for you in terms of what you still receive versus what you visit online. But just know that you’re not obligated to read every magazine and every article that comes your way. It’s supposed to be informative; it’s supposed to be enjoyable. Don’t let it become a chore.

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