Profitable Productivity Podcast: Ep 01 – Reducing Paper Clutter

In our first podcast episode, learn how to streamline paper management by reducing the amount of paper you have.

Manage Your Paper and Maximize Efficiency

To stay on top of your paper, you’ll need a system for dealing with paper throughout its lifecycle.

Back to School…for You?

Back to school isn’t just for the kids. Take this opportunity to learn the skills that you’ve been putting on the back burner!

Do You Use a Content Aggregator?

Using online tools to centralize your feeds and articles can save you time and make reading your content more enjoyable.

4 Steps for Clearing Out Paper Clutter

Reduce the amount of paper coming into your life, weed out the papers already piled up, and consider electronic options before you put more paper in the world.

How to Centralize Multiple Contact Databases

See how centralizing your lists of contacts to one database can benefit you and save time.

How to Synchronize Multiple Computers and Back Your Files Up at the Same Time

You can synchronize multiple computers and back up your files at the same time by using online services or external hard drives.

Ensuring Your Data Stays Safe

Through online services and external hard drives, you should back up your virtual files on a regular basis.

Simple Tips on How to Manage Your Files Virtually

By personalizing your own filing system and investing in a scanner you can organize your files virtually.

How to Keep Your Emails Under Control

Schedule regular times to deal with you inbox, and avoid your emails piling up.

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