Create a Work Zone-and Stay There!

Creating a work zone and staying there is essential to increasing productivity.

When working from home, consistency is key to increasing productivity.

Often clients who work from home tell me that they have no clearly defined workspace. They might work at the kitchen table one day, go to the local coffeehouse another, and the library on yet another. While this type of diversity might seem like it’s great for boosting your creativity, what it does in essence is derail your productivity because there’s no consistency. And when we’re talking about being productive, organized, and effective, we want to create as much consistency in your workspace as possible.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of turning a room in your house into a home office, you can still create an area in your home to work from, consistently, every day. A kitchen counter, part of your dining room table, or maybe a corner nook or a coffee table—any of those can be effective workspaces. Whatever space you choose, the key is to work in that same space each time. Don’t work at the coffee table one day, Starbucks the next day, and then in the kitchen the day after that. Choosing a specific space where you can work comfortably and where you can have all your supplies nearby will make you more efficient and more productive.

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