Stop! Do You Need Another New Gadget?

Some tech tools are a big help; others just add clutter. Before buying the latest tech gadget, ask yourself what problem it will solve and where you’ll actually put it.

Many of us buy tech gadgets or apps because they’re sexy or cool or we think they will help us. But it’s more helpful to approach your tech purchases from a different angle. There is no question that technology can be a boon to your productivity and efficiency, but if you become addicted to the gadgets themselves, you run the risk of creating more clutter in your life (not to mention wasting your money).

How will the gadget help you solve the problem at hand? Rather than just buying an iPad for the sake of owning an iPad, or downloading apps or software because you think they’ll do something cool, think about what specific problem you’re trying to solve and then choose the tech tool that will fit that need. For instance, a nice high-end scanner might be really attractive to you — but do you need it? Only if you’re trying to manage a high volume of miscellaneous papers. If you only scan the occasional document, a cheaper scanner or even a scanning app on your smartphone might be all you need. Think about what problem or challenge you’re facing and then choose a technology tool that is based around that. That is a much more satisfying and purposeful way to use technology.

Do you actually need more stuff? With the increased availability of different types of information online, the question of whether you actually need to own certain things is coming up more and more. For instance, rather than buying a DVD you can rent movies through websites like Netflix or Blockbuster, or get them On Demand through your cable or satellite provider. Same goes for video games with services like GameFly, or books and magazines you can read and store via Kindle or iPad. This is also true for office-based accessories like calendars or storage servers – web-based products exist that can assist you just as well as tangible products, without taking up any actual space.

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