Should it Stay or Should it Go?

While cleaning clutter, consider how necessary each object is: when did you last use it? When will you use it again? Is it broken? Can you store it?

Do You Suffer from “But I’ll Need It Someday Syndrome”?

When choosing whether to keep or discard something, ask yourself: when will I need this? If you can’t think of specific time, let it go.

You Don’t Have to Shred Alone

With shredding, you have options that can be a handy solution to figuring out what to do with documents no longer of use.

4 Top Year-End Organizing Tips

As the year comes to an end look at ways to get rid of “stuff” and maximize your systems.

3 Steps to Your Organized Kitchen

It’s a space most of us use every single day, but few of us take time out to make our kitchens the efficient, organized spaces they could be. By taking a few simple steps, we can create efficient areas for storage, food prep, and we can even save money in the process! Edit it all…. READ MORE

Controlling Your Closet

San Francisco living is great – many of us are fortunate to live in beautiful, historic buildings that are just bursting with character. Another thing that’s bursting is our closets. With more clothing and belongings than ever before, it can be a constant struggle to find places to put all our “stuff,” especially in closets… READ MORE

Organizing with Kids

Are you tired of asking your children to pick up and put away their things? If “clean up your room!” is a popular refrain in your household, there are some simple things that you can do to help your kids get on the organizing bandwagon. Give them control. Kids love to solve puzzles and are… READ MORE

NAPO 2009 Annual Conference Recap

I spent last week in Orlando at the 2009 Annual Conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). This was my fourth NAPO national conference, and it was a good one for me. There were so many opportunities for learning and continuing my organizing education. I always like to add new tools to my… READ MORE

Big Sale on Knoll at Zinc Details in San Francisco May 1-10

If you like your home or office not just organized, but also slick and stylish, the Knoll brand of mid-century modern furnishings is probably your friend. I love this stuff, but it can be quite pricey! If you happen to be in San Francisco May 1-10, check out the Zinc Details store, where they will… READ MORE

Great Resource for Getting Rid of Paperback Books

If you’ve got lots of books on your shelf that you’re not likely to read again, I’ve found a great resource for getting rid of these books, and swapping them for ones you actually would like to read. It’s called, and they will let you list the books you want to get rid of… READ MORE

Great Article on the Secret World of Professional Organizers

LA Weekly, a popular alternative weekly newspaper in Los Angeles, has posted a very entertaining and illuminating article about the lives of Professional Organizers, including a peek into the home of my friend Chris McKenry and interviews with some of my L.A. organizing colleagues. Check it out – it’s a fun read. —… READ MORE

FREE E-Waste Recycling Event This Weekend (Bay Area)

If you have any electronic waste that you’d like to get rid of (old computers, VCRs, stereo components, and more), it’s a good idea to dispose of that type of clutter responsibly. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, a local non-profit, the Montalvo Service Group (MSG), is sponsoring a free e-waste recycling… READ MORE

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