Organizing Your Personal Finances: 4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Receipts, Statements, and Bills

One of my top requests as a Professional Organizer is to help clients organize their personal and business finances.

Organizing for Taxes

Take the stress out of tax time with a few simple tips!

Reducing Paper Clutter

We’ve got way to go to reach the paperless future shown in The Jetsons and Star Trek.

NAPO 2012 National Conference Wrap-Up

I just got back from the NAPO 2012 National Conference in Baltimore. I learned a lot and saw some great products and services. Here’s my summary of the week.

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Paper Under Control

Virtually every client I have – and every person I talk to – is fed up with dealing with paper. And it’s no surprise, since, like email, we have a constant influx of it that we’re simply forced to deal with. The worst part is that even though we all have paper in our lives, we’re never really taught what to do with it or how to manage it. It’s no wonder that people are practically in tears by the time they call me asking for help.

Paperless is Possible with the Right Tools

There are lots of tools and techniques that can help you go paperless, but what are the best ones? Here are my top choices for creating your paperless office.

Choosing the Right Tools for Going Paperless

Paper takes a lot of space to store, and especially if you’re used to searching for documents on your computer, rifling through paper piles and digging into file cabinets can seem practically archaic!

3 Steps to Going Paperless

One of my areas of specialty in my productivity and organizing consulting work is paper management – helping my clients determine the best ways to process, manage and store the paper in their lives and in their work.

Tech Tools to Boost Productivity – Part 1

In my productivity and organizing business, I’m constantly on the lookout for tools that will help my clients save time, save money, and make their lives – and their work – easier.

De-Cluttering Your Digital Photos

Easily organize your digital photos in 4 easy steps!

Customize Your Schedule with Electronic Calendars

Overlapping calendars let you see the big picture without feeling overwhelmed.

Make More Money By Getting Organized

Being disorganized and unproductive costs you money – but did you know that when you get organized, you may find unexpected ways to make more money?

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